Peak Performance for Sport

Dr. Elizabeth Ward specializes in generating maximum performance for athletes and teams by focusing on sport-specific mental conditioning.

Individual Coaching

Beyond physical strength, technical skills and endurance, what distinguishes champions and championship teams from the rest? Mental edge.

Dr. Elizabeth Ward, a former elite athlete and international competitor, knows what is required to excel under pressure. Her personalized mental conditioning programs, which integrate sport psychology, mindfulness training and resilience building, are based on scientific research to help athletes:

  • Excel under pressure
  • Integrate mindfulness techniques
  • Develop a deeper understanding of self
  • Amplify strengths
  • Overcome challenges
  • Achieve optimal performance

An investment in personal performance coaching with Dr. Ward will move athletes closer to becoming indomitable competitors.

Dr. Elizabeth Ward competing against the Chinese National Team Harbin, China 1997.

Team Consulting

A cohesive, winning team is more than a collection of skilled individuals. Players must possess complementary strengths and abilities, a common focus on team goals and the interpersonal skills essential to working together effectively.

An experienced consultant who has worked with professional and college-level sports teams, Dr. Elizabeth Ward knows the challenges in developing successful teams with positive group dynamics and compelling culture. She has years of experience strategizing with senior-level managers and coaches to improve a team member’s performance and to provide valuable psychological understanding on recruiting decisions. Using interviews and customized assessment tools proven to be effective with Olympic and professional athletes, Elizabeth provides cost-effective insights that eliminate the guesswork in  building stronger, more cohesive, motivated and winning teams.

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Dr. Elizabeth Ward with Harvard Men’s Hockey captains Alexander Kerfoot and Devin Tringale after a sensational 2016–17 season.