For those who seek a competitive
mental edge
in career, sport, and life.

Peak performance at work drives profit, loyalty and career satisfaction.

Anyone can learn the mental habits of elite athletes to achieve their personal best.

Our lives become more meaningful when we have a clear vision, stated purpose and strong mind.

Elizabeth Ward

About Dr. Elizabeth Ward

For over thirty years, Dr. Elizabeth Ward has been helping individuals and teams achieve their personal best. Her combined experience as a leadership professor, elite athlete and psychologist make her a sought-after resource for anyone seeking to learn how to make positive sustainable improvements in their career, sport or personal life.

“I highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Ward to any athlete or organization wanting to improve their performance. Not only does she bring her expertise as a peak performance coach, but she also brings extensive sport experience. Working with Elizabeth gives athletes a mental edge, which makes all the difference when it comes to winning.”


Former #1 World Tennis Player