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Peak performance is as important in the workplace as it is on the athletic field. Dr. Elizabeth Ward uses her extensive athletic experience and advanced training in performance psychology to help executives and other business professionals achieve their potential.

Individual Coaching:

In business, performance is essential for success. Whether you are established in or new to your field, your success is dependent on how managers and the marketplace evaluate your performance. To achieve levels of excellence that garner recognition, you need to develop the skills required of elite athletes: self-awareness, focus, and application of your strengths.

No one in the workplace is going to tell you how to cultivate these skills. For this reason alone, individual coaching can make a significant difference.

The same range of skills that allow world-class athletes to develop their mental edge applies to the corporate world. Dr. Elizabeth Ward works with executives, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to deliver their best performance. She will help you:

  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Excel under pressure
  • Develop mindfulness strategies
  • Achieve your professional goals

Elizabeth applies her background and training to show you how to better manage stress and maintain focus on what is important. Superior leaders rely on self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Using her extensive training in psychology and relational dynamics, Elizabeth will help you build better relationships, target goals that expand your strengths, and maximize your performance both in and outside of the workplace.

Coaching sessions are conducted in person, by phone, or over Skype so that no matter where you live you can benefit from Elizabeth’s unique experience. Email eward@DrElizabethWard.com to learn more.

Organizational Consulting:

Selecting and developing the most favorable corporate team can be a challenge. This difficulty often results from an executive team's lack of substantive information regarding potential candidates. Gaining insight into the attributes of potential recruits and existing team members can be challenging and time-consuming.

The most effective way to address these issues is through organizational consulting. Dr. Elizabeth Ward collaborates with executives to build highly successful teams through team building, leadership development, and 360° feedback. Additionally, through customized interviews and assessment services, Elizabeth provides cost-effective insight that will help you enhance organizational performance as well as increase long-term profitability.

She also offers executive coaching customized to address the added pressures that come with increased responsibilities. Elizabeth concentrates on how best to:

  • Address organizational needs
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Strengthen interactive leadership
  • Enhance team performance

Because your team is unique, her consulting is always customized to meet the needs of your organization. To further improve performance, individual one-on-one team member coaching is also available.

Consulting is available remotely and on-site, on an as-needed basis or for long-term support. To find out more about her consulting services, contact eward@DrElizabethWard.com. To learn more about Dr. Ward, read her profile.

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