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Dr. Elizabeth Ward offers over 30 years of experience, education, and training to help accelerate athletic, professional, and personal performance. Investment in yourself and your team is strategic. Elizabeth can prepare you with the skills to create and sustain positive change in all aspects of your life. One-on-one coaching, team building, and assessment of current or prospective employees/draftees are only a few of the ways Elizabeth can help individuals and organizations perform more cost-efficiently and effectively.

Elizabeth has worked with clients in all walks of life, from professional athletes to Fortune 50 executives, from the mountains of Aspen to the financial district of Boston. Using innovative personality programs, Elizabeth’s customized assessment services help sport teams and companies optimize hiring and development of their athletes and business leaders. Many of the skills that lead to winning in sports apply to success in business. Elizabeth helps her clients build and improve upon these other skills.

Elizabeth's unique model has evolved from her training in psychology and her experiences as a competitive athlete. As a Harvard University ice hockey player who also competed internationally against Olympic athletes, she understands the requirements for working as part of an effective team and excelling at critical moments.

Elizabeth possesses a distinctive blend of expertise as an accomplished athlete and skilled psychologist. Prior to beginning her career as a peak performance coach, she spent 13 years teaching at independent schools in Baltimore and Aspen. During these years, Elizabeth observed her students closely, intrigued by the question of what enabled certain individuals to excel. Her fascination with that question led her to graduate studies and to her current work in performance coaching.

A Harvard graduate, Elizabeth earned her MA in counseling psychology from the University of Denver and her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara. She is a licensed psychologist and certified coach.

In addition to her coaching and consulting work, Elizabeth is a faculty member at Hult International Business School in Boston where she teaches leadership and team skills. She also teaches mind-body classes at the Domar Center, conducts mental conditioning with high-achieving hockey players at Pro Ambitions Hockey, LLC, and researches with Professor Ellen Langer’s mindfulness lab at Harvard University.

When not working, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her friends, practicing yoga, hiking, skiing, traveling, playing guitar, and most of all, having fun with her family.

Dr. Elizabeth Ward
Competing against Chinese National Team Harbin, China 1997

To learn more about the coaching that Dr. Elizabeth Ward offers, see ”Sport” and “Career”. Dr. Ward is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She is located in the Boston area and can be reached at eward@DrElizabethWard.com.

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